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ProRail, NL

Rail stations across the Netherlands

Platform furniture for the convenience of travellers

ProRail is responsible for managing railway furniture and operates on a daily basis to ensure safe, clean and accessible stations with pleasant waiting facilities.


Ease of use for all travellers, including those who are less mobile

Our designs focus on the travellers’ comfort. Waiting rooms with 4 walls and leaning rails with wind deflectors make waiting at train stops a more pleasant experience. Disability access is always taken into account. Appropriate lighting improves user safety.


Experience with public transport

Epsilon Cities has all certificates and permits required to carry out projects in the railway environment. Exhaustive project management ensures that passengers are spared any inconvenience.

Real-time information

ProRail provides the information infrastructure needed to keep passengers informed. We contribute to this by providing clear signage for station names. We also display real-time train timetable information.