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Quality, safety & environment


Epsilon Cities - your reliable partner


Epsilon Cities is committed to satisfying its customers and other stakeholders and aims to be a trustworthy, reliable and sustainable partner by:

  • Always meeting the (legal) requirements and expectations and, where possible, exceeding these.
  • Developing and manufacturing products in a well-considered, qualitative and efficient manner, in which safety, health and environmental awareness form an integral part of the business operations.


Company policy

Management shows leadership and commitment by, amongst other things, defining “company policy” to be compatible with the context and strategic direction of the company. With a view to continuous improvement, this company policy is periodically reviewed and modified when necessary. It is communicated internally, and made available here to other stakeholders.




The Epsilon Cities Management system meets the requirements of the EN-1090 standard, the European standard for the construction of steel and aluminium structures.

Declarations of performance (DoP) and CE declarations for our specific products are available.






The Epsilon Cities Management System complies with the requirements of the VCA**.

VCA stands for HSE Checklist Contractors (HSE = Health, Safety & Environment), and is, in fact, more than a checklist. VCA is a complete management programme used to structurally and objectively test and certify companies with regard to their HSE management system.




CO2 Performance Ladder

Epsilon Cities has been certified for the CO2 performance ladder since 2011, and has now reached level 5, which is the highest level. The CO2 performance ladder, developed by ProRail but now managed by Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden en Ondernemen (SKAO) [Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship], aims to challenge and encourage companies to gain insight into their CO2 production and to reduce this wherever possible. The documents conforming with the audit checklists from the CO2 performance ladder manual (latest relevant version), can be found here.





Epsilon Cities has its own powder coating department that meets the strict “Qualicoat” specifications. Qualicoat is the ultimate label of quality for aluminium coating. It is an international quality label based on an extensive specification for both process and product requirements.


The Epsilon Cities Management System is based on the ISO-9001 standard, the international standard for quality management systems.