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Metropolitan Area Rotterdam The Hague, NL

MRDH opts for sustainability and quality

The Metropolitan Area of Rotterdam The Hague is committed to sustainability in its public transport. This includes the infrastructure. Epsilon Cities provided advice on its development. This means our solutions contribute to the sustainability of the city.


The Metropolitan Area of Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) intends to redevelop its bus and tram stops.

We contribute to this process by advising on solutions that fulfil all requirements. Sustainability always plays an important part in this process. This applies to both the sustainability of the products and the sustainability of the installation and maintenance process. Attention is also paid to ease of use and resistance to vandalism.


Detailed project management 

In the public space of an urban region such as MRDH, detailed project management is essential for successful implementation. When installing, maintaining and repairing the stop furniture, we limit nuisance by carefully coordinating our efforts with local residents, passengers, and transport companies.



Product Development

Our engineers translate the product concepts into technical designs. These designs are the foundation for our production department. We produce our products entirely ourselves and we handle the installation.